Did you remember to take time to deeply breathe in His presence? If not, take a moment now.
Scripture Reading:
Isaiah 65:24 (TPT) “Before they even call out to me, I will answer them; before they’ve finished telling me what they need, I’ll have already heard”
Reference Scriptures:
John 1:1-5, 14; Hebrews 4:12; Matthew 6:8; John 15:7


Devotional Content: 

The word “call” is the Hebrew 7121 which means: to call, proclaim, read and is a double root with 7122, which describes an intense encounter.  We often view our prayers as audible expressions of our needs (to call or proclaim) but notice it’s also to read. Don’t miss this!  Even when you are reading the word, out loud or silently pondering what you’re reading to yourself there is a dramatic encounter happening with the Living Word Himself!

A number of years ago the Lord showed me Himself as The Living Word.  As I looked at Him I suddenly saw Him transparent and coursing through His body, like blood in the veins, were words.  I instinctively knew the words were alive as they made their course through His body.  As I watched this, the verses above from John 1 began to play in my thoughts.  He is the Word made flesh!

When your voice, or your heart response to what you read, connects with the Living Word Himself it is a violent encounter that will produce results.  

Our focus on prayer this week is not so much on the asking or declaring rather on the being.  Abiding is the key (John 15:7).  We’re becoming convinced that His presence is the beginning of all we need, and if we can cultivate that awareness we will soon realize that it’s not about the eloquence of our words and making requests, it’s about abiding with the Answer; resting in what we can’t see and trusting that He is faithful to watch over His word to perform it! (Jeremiah 1:12)

Have an Impactful Day! 

Today’s Challenge:

  1. Spend some time quietly and deeply pondering John 15:7; practice your focus and breathing to fully connect with Him.  Ask Holy Spirit to show you where you may not be abiding in Christ and/or allowing His words, written or spoken, to abide in you.  Write down what He says and implement changes. Our inability to rest and abide in Him and allow His words to rest and abide in us are often the biggest obstacle to the answer we search for. 


Jesus, I’m amazed every time I discover a hidden treasure in Your word. Make me aware of what happens in the spirit realm as my faith in what I read connects with Your presence as the Living Word!  Search me and show me any offensive place in me where I’m anxious, afraid, doubtful, angry, disappointed, rebellious or prideful. Anything that would cause me to not be able to abide fully in You.  In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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