Scripture Reading
- Ephesians 5:15-17
- Ephesians 5:25
- Matthew 6:33

Saying Yes To Your Spouse

Devotional Content: 

There was a time early in our marriage that my priority was me. I said yes to every committee and board that I was asked to be a part of. There were weeks that I had something to do almost every night. I justified it all because the things that I was involved in were good things. Some things had to do with the church. Other things had to do with the business I was involved with at that time. Then there were the civic activities I was a part of. I was building this great resume and at the same, failing at the commitment I made before any of these others: my marriage.  

You may be able to do all the above and still put God and your marriage first but I couldn’t. I didn’t. Every time I said “yes” to something, I was saying “no” to time with Nancy. Our marriage was headed for a train wreck if something did not change. Thankfully, it did change, or I did. I heard what Nancy was saying to me and made the decision to say “yes” to her and “no” to all the other things. It took a few months but I got off of every committee or board that met at night. I had a wife and kids and I chose to be home at night. It was a big first step for me as I began putting things in the right order. My marriage began to grow. God led me away from business and into ministry. My focus changed and my life finally had the balance it needed. Learning to say “yes” to the important things in life was a life and marriage changer.


Today’s Challenge:

  1. What are your top three priorities today?

  2. What are you saying “yes” to today that you need to say “no” to tomorrow?

  3. In the big picture, what does “winning” look like to you?

Going Deeper:

As you look back over the past six days of this plan, what is your biggest takeaway and how will it affect you and your spouse in the future?

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