We are a people of love, compassion, and restoration. We believe that the greatest thing in life is to experience the all-encompassing, unconditional, redemptive and restoring Love of God through Jesus Christ. Having received total restoration through God's love, we believe that we are now empowered and graced by God to minister that restoration and love, as well as be catalysts in the harvesting of souls of every race, tribe, and tongue for the Kingdom of God. 

The Word

We are people building our lives on the Word of God. We know that the Word is the foundation for all we say, do, and believe.  It is infinite in scope, unlimited in power, full of treasure, wisdom, and life. 

Holy Spirit

We are people who love the Holy Spirit.  We believe He touches, guides, and anoints His people. We delight in Him moving in our midst and totally yield to His leading.


We are a people with a passion for praising and worshiping God.  Hungry for His presence, and understanding that worship attracts the heart of God, we are a people who strive to touch Heaven with a worship purposefully directed at exalting His name and declaring His glory.   


We are a people of prayer, seeking the face of God and moving the hands that move the world.  Everything we do is birthed out of and runs on the track of prayer. 


We are a people of honor.  We understand that every person is precious to God and has been given gifts that are valuable to His Kingdom.  We are people who encourage and celebrate those gifts.  We desire to see each person reach their fullest potential and fulfill their divine purpose for the glory of God.  


We are a people who walk by faith. We are fully confident in our God given rights as children of God.  As such, we operate under an assurance of God's love to bless and prosper us in every aspect of our lives.  We know that when we believe God and do His will anything is possible.

Phone: 832.647.8393