God's Fantasy Team

I ran across the coolest post this week. Following a real bad accident involving NFL quarterback Cam Newton of the Carolina Panther, in which his truck flipped over a minimum of four times, after walking away from the accident vertually unscaved, the quarterback was observed laying on the ground with the biggest smile on his face. When asked about why he was observed smiling, Cam replied... "After looking at my truck and realizing that I was still alive, it came to me that God was looking out for me because I must be on His Fantasy team." This was so powerful to me. The thought that God is looking out for us because of the value that we bring to Him. Allow me to encourage you today. You are not just one of many to God. You are His first round pick. You are the apple of God's eyes. Without a doubt, you are special to God and valuable to His Kingdom. There is more that God has for you to do. Know that whatever you are going through, He is with you and will see you through it.

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